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Are you ever having a bad day and trying to just accept the suckiness and allow yourself to sit in your sadness, or madness, or frustration? That’s cool. I get that. Sometimes, accepting that things are hard or weird and just letting yourself have negative feelings is just part of life. I’m personally kind of bad at that, and when I’m in a hard place, I tend to turn to small joys in life that remind me it’s not all bad.

Some little things I really love, that you’ll know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram: oatmeal, picnics, baking and cooking for friends, to name a few. There are many, many good things in my life, but I have not had an easy life (well, who has? Okay nevermind, Jeff Bezos I’m squinting at you), and although I feel I should unequivocally be a negative person who looks around and sees the shitty stuff, I generally tend to lean to the small joys, trying to find good in everything and everywhere. People have told me this is rare and unique, and not something that’s simple for most people to just do. I don’t believe that.

So in this newsletter, join me for a journey where I will share my small joys, and thoughts on gratitude and the little things in life.

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